Employment Law

Whether you are an employer or an employee, we offer extensive advice and assistance on employment matters.

Ifyou work in the UK, you are entitled to benefit from a minimum charter ofemployment rights found in various Acts of Parliament and regulations.

Wecan offer expert in-depth advice and assistance if you are facing employmentproblems across the full range of practice areas including the following:

· Settlement Agreements and ACASarbitration scheme

· Discrimination on grounds of age, disability, genderreassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race,religion and belief, sex and sexual orientation

· Disciplinary and grievance

· Internal appeals

· Bullying and harassment employment

· Unfair Dismissal

· Sickness

· Employment Contract

· Parental leave

· Flexible Working

· Pregnancy and Maternity

· National Minimum Wage (NMW) National Living Wage (NLW)andNon-payment of wages

· Proceedings and all stages of advocacy in the employmenttribunal (ET), Employment Appeal Tribunal (ETA) and Court of Appeal

Weare approachable, friendly and passionate about individual employment rights

Ifyou would like to have an informal, no-obligations discussion of yourcircumstances, or to arrange a meeting/telephone conference, then please callus on 020 7251 5533 or e-mail us at info@whitecrosslawyers.com

Mostemployers will at some point have to confront employment law issues at work.Putting procedures in place and complying with best practice is the startingpoint to helping create a more productive and harmonious workplace.

Employerscan be hit by serious financial, legal and reputational issues if they fail todeal properly with their people problems.

Employmentlaw is the fastest changing area of law. It is difficult for managers to keepup. Perhaps you would like to instruct us on a retainer basis, so that we cankeep you up-to-date with what you need to know.

Whetheryou are starting out as an employer or you are a small or medium-sizedenterprise there are lots of things that you need to think about on aday-to-day basis. Many small firms feel they don't have enough time allresources to devote to employment law issues. Looking after your employees canmake you a more effective business and help you avoid costly and time-consumingemployment tribunal proceedings.

AtWhitecross solicitors we offer a long established and trusted employment lawpractice making it easier for you to meet your business compliancerequirements.

Togive you peace of mind Whitecross solicitors offers advice and assistance toemployers with employment law issues, including:

· Employment Rights

· Equality Act 2010

· Carrying out compliance audits

· Drafting contracts of employment

· drafting policies and procedures in line with best practice

· HR policy and Strategy outsourcing & Business Partner

· Employee Relations

· Conducting disciplinary hearings

· Compensation and benefits

· HR training and Learning and Development


· Absence Management

· Disciplinary and grievance

· Dismissal

· commencing proceedings in the employment tribunal (ET),Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) and Court of Appeal

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Ifyou would like to have an informal, no-obligations discussion of yourcircumstances, or to arrange a meeting/telephone conference, then please callus on 020 7251 5533 or e-mail us at enquiri@whitecrosslawyers.com

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